Monday, March 16, 2009


Went to see Propagandhi on Friday. Found out that they pronounce their name with their Canadian accent in full effect: Prop - a - gan - dhi. I have been calling them Prop - a- gahn - di for years.

The show was sold out and fantastic. The main floor was a mass of wriggling testosterone, with bodies squwanched together up against the stage, a circle broken open in the middle for dancing, and the rest of the crowd in the back just trying to enjoy the band. Then there were the people up in the balcony, myself included, who had a perfect bird's eye view of the band and the stinky mess of humanity below. I feel a bit too old to be down there, legs numb from standing on tip-toes to see the band.

First off, every single member of that band looks like they are all of 25. They're not.

Second off, the bass player Todd wore gym shorts for the show. Gym shorts! No hip, too-tight pants, no attempt at looking nice. Gym shorts. I loved it.

And lastly, they played Anti-Manifesto, which is one of my favorite songs of all times.

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  1. Your boyfriend was part of that "stinky mess of humanity" you know!