Monday, August 6, 2012

Where I Read

Amazing author and extraordinary speaker Laurie Halse Anderson has challenged her readers to write 15 minutes a day for the entirety of August. Not sure if I'll actually accomplish it, but I intend to try, and post the results here.

A series of mostly free verse poems about where I read, done for a project at work:

Most books during childhood:
Very late at night
Under covers
Just one more chapter
Hoping I don't get caught.

Wrinkle in Time:
Old plaid chair
In a corner,
In my room.
Sort of smelly,
But all mine. 
Covered in a blanket, 
While my mother vacuums
Outside my door.

Order of the Phoenix:
Reading in a bed-nest
Surrounded by down on all sides
With water and chocolate close at hand
Preferably rainy
Preferably cold
Preferably mid-morning

Half Blood Prince:
On a burning summer day
Wilting with heat
Sneaking Harry Potter
While Dan falls asleep

Deathly Hallows:
A bit out loud,
A bit on the subway,
The rest in an air-conditioned cocoon
With rainbow cookies
I read on the subway.
Wait, was that my stop? 

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  1. can I suggest a topic?
    how about gymnastics in the olympics? :-)