Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More thesis papers I want to read

Giving Them a Place to Go: 
Children, especially teens, are going to gather together and socialize. They always have, they always will. And they're not going to do it at home. We need to give them somewhere to go, or they're going to find their own places...and those are usually not the most ideal ones.  

Places like skate parks, events like "Friday Night Live" (a weekly teen get together at a rec center in Texas), a Teen Club at a Beaches resort, or a Ballroom Dancing program in NYC schools offer kids a safe place to socialize, dance, be silly and dramatic...basically to be teenagers. 

How do each of these places benefit the areas they exist in, the adults who support them, and the teens who use them? How do curfews and restrictions at usual hang outs like malls hurt them? 


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