Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogs I Love, Vol 2 is also celebrating a birthday today: Heather Armstrong's daughter has turned 5.

Reading that entry and watching the video, I started thinking about the next generation of children and how they will react to technology.

People in my age group are old enough where we remember the "time before the computer," but young enough where it's kind of a distant memory. We have adapted pretty quickly, embracing new technology and new ways of communicating with each other. I was in college when Napster blew up, and spent a lot of my time IMing with friends.

The next generation of kids, the ones who are being born now, are growing up not only knowing technology, but being in it. Some are having their lives documented as part of a blog. Their growth, their changing faces, and bodies, and vocabularies.

What will it be like for them, how will the approach technology when they are old enough to interact with it?

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