Monday, February 2, 2009


Some movies feel like the writer or creator had a single idea and then built a move around it, instead of fleshing out a full plot.

In Fracture's case (SPOILER!), it is the idea that attempted murder turns into murder if the victim dies after the trial, and those are two different charges, negating double jeopardy.

Take that idea, cast Anthony Hopkins as a smart-as-hell bad guy, pit him against Ryan Gosling, and bam! Movie. But when Hopkins's character is built up as an incredibly meticulous man who has thought of everything, it's hard to believe that the flaw in his plan was his failure to realize that attempted murder and murder are two different charges, which seems quite an obvious thing to me. And I've never meticulously plotted anything.


  1. All I've ever meticulously plotted is my undying love for Ryan Gosling...

  2. Every day I meticulously plot world domination. ... Oh wait, that was the cartoon Pinky and the Brain. Never mind.