Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Books, Movies, Music

I just finished Schuyler's Monster. I had been wanting to read it for awhile, as I follow Robert Rummel-Hudson's blog, and have found his writing to be just what I love: smart, funny, sarcastic, and touching. The book is exactly like that, causing my eyes to well up several times while riding the B train to work. I also laughed out loud a lot, which might be even more embarrassing. A fantastic book. "Rire!"

Next weekend I'll be going to see all five Best Picture nominees in the theater. The tickets were all sold out at Times Sq., but Kips Bay still has them, and you can buy them online. I even gave up the $5 discount I was entitled to as a Movie Watcher member (card-carrying, thank you very much) and paid the $1.50 surcharge to ensure I got my ticket. My butt will be numb, my stomach will ache with popcorn, and my contacts will dry out. I can't wait.

Lastly, Julia Nunes is awesome. I discovered her through the Vlogbrothers, who are also thoroughly enjoyable. I was blown away by a video she did in which she layered the audio of several videos of her singing to create an amazing harmony. I'm in such awe of people who can sing. I bought her CD I Wrote These and have been listening to it incessantly.

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